Saturday, July 19, 2014

SEWjo Saturday with Incentive Aurifil and an linking up from Instagram!

It has been too long...much too long and I apologize!

SEWjo Saturday is back!  I hope everyone is having a productive summer and some good times with family and friends!

This week I was able to sew a new ironing board cover that was desperately needed.  I had to give up my all time favorite, now out of print, Alexander Henry Paloma Birds cover ( CRYING ) but replaced it with this fun cathedral windows Patty Young fabric I found at Joann's a few months ago.  One of those, "I love it and had better buy yardage now" purchases.  So happy I did since I cannot imagine an unhappy looking ironing board. And I cleaned up my space some too!  It was so needed!

The before and after shots. It was time for sure!

The other thing I worked on was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt.  This one had me paralyzed! I have never done a traveling quilt and when I sew improv for others I kinda freak out.  It is hard to know what someone else likes and dislikes. My goal for this was beauty.  The decision was made to make it modern and colorful!

I hope she loves it!

The incentive this week will be an Aurifil Sample set.  This set contains each of the thread weights available and a wooden spool of Aurifloss!  The color of the set I am sending will be a very light gray :o)

Let's get our SEWjo (sewing mojo) going!  This link up will be open the WHOLE WEEKEND to give you LOTS of time in case you need to do silly other stuff like make dinner or driving your kids somewhere and then there is always making sure you have good lighting. The things we all have to go through...sigh ;o)

To participate in the party please... 
1. Share a project from this past  THREE weeks ( I want to get all caught up) or TODAY!!! 
Link it up from your blog, your Flickr photos, and now your Instagram by using your Instagram URL as the link.  Please hashtag #SEWjoSaturday and @gogokim :o)   

2. Share a link back to SEWjo Saturday somewhere in your post. I would be over the moon if you grabbed the button and shared that too ;o)

3. Share some love with some of the other posters!!!!  Visit some of the linked up photos and get inspired by other quilty friends' work. And please leave some sunshine in their comments! Let's support each other!  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday #tbt Quilt

Throwback Thursday #tbt is really a fun way to see people's photos from many years ago when they had BIG hair or braces, those shoulders and sweet baby faces.  If you are on Instagram or twitter use#tbt and be prepared for fun photos!  I like looking back through all the old photos, since 99% of mine are from the olden days of film cameras. 

I thought it might be fun to share some of the old projects.  This quilt was for my grandson in 2011.  It was my first time making wonky stars.  I used the tutorial from The Silly BoDilly and the fun Funky Monkey fabrics from Erin Michaels for Moda fabrics.

Adam was a good helper for the action shots!

This was also my first time trying free motion quilting.

I really fell in love with the pieced back on this quilt.

I love seeing the old projects and what I have learned over the years.  Best of all, knowing that this is out there being loved!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who needs a pattern?

Me!  At least usually I do.  I am not a garment sewer.  I am a wanna be, sparkle in my eye every time I see a vintage Vogue pattern kinda girl.  I like fitted clothing that defines a woman's shape.  Women...all women have beautiful bodies.   Those types of garments require patterns.

I was having sewing issues a couple of weeks ago and decided to sew something "just because".  Island Batik had send me some rayon batiks to test with different thread weights to see which worked the best.  Katy is a DIE HARD batik fan.  She saw the fabrics and squealed in delight.  "Can you make me a dress?"  was the first question.  Since I had been cutting everything 1/2 in short in two of my previous projects my instant response was "NO!"

I asked her to look to her oracle of everything that one could ever find a few ideas that she liked in a skirt.  I had made a skirt before.  This concept was not completely foreign to me, so I had a semi-comfort level with doing this for her.  And there was enough fabric that if I totally failed, I could make another!  She choose quite a few and I asked her what she liked about each of them.  I turned into a semi sewing lesson for her and she was interested ( there may have been angels singing).

I took this madness one step further and decided to do it PATTERN FREE...SAY WHAT...

Yes, I wanted to push my sewing limits and see if I could do this to sweep out the cobwebs or dust bunnies or whatever else had accumulated in my brain to muck up my sewing process!  And this is the result...

The photos are not the best but she did not want to take any!  I will happily live with this compromise.

The skirt is gathered  with a zippered back and a tie that wraps to the front.  One of my versions had a tie going to the back and I think we are making that one next.  She absolutely love everything about this skirt.  That makes me one happy mama.

It was really nice to sew "just because", to push the sewing brain out of it's funk, to create something that will be loved for someone I love.  I need to do this more.

And the thread weight I decided upon was Aurifil 40wt :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A quilt in John Q. Adams book Beyond Neutral!

John Q. Adams is on of the nicest people you will ever meet.  My first meeting with him was brief and a am sure super confusing to him.  It was Quilt Market in Kansas City and I had been his secret swap partner for a pillow.  I made a New York Beauty with his favorite Tula Pink fabrics.  I brought the pillow with me to surprise him.  I spotted him and just walked right up and said something silly like, " Hi, I am Kim, here is your pillow!"  What a goober I am!  He looked at me and was like okay, LOL!

After that, we were friends on Facebook and I really very adore this guy so much that I have nicknamed him Grizzly.  A big bear of a softie, he is passionate about his children, his life and his quilting.  What is not to LOVE?

I was asked if I would be interested in testing a pattern for his book Beyond Neutral published by Martingale. and I said "ABSOLUTELY YES!"

This book is so lovely... the photos are taken in settings that are serene.  Natured based and broken down into sections like " Wind and Sky" and "Earth" every quilt in this book has a connection to the elements.

All instructions are supported by excellent graphics to make sure you can see every step clearly. This book is for every level of quilter.   I was able to assemble Glimmerglass in about a week with Spring Break interruptions from the kids ;o)

Here is the quilt that Katy and I lovingly nicknamed Ladybug Lanterns.  It is all Tula Pink prints that included a BUNCH of ladybugs and the background is shot cotton.  Katy's nickname is ladybug so we are pretty crazy about this one!

And it was so amazing to see my name on the same page as Angela Walters...I may faint!

I think I will be making "Cayucos" next but with so many fantastic options it is hard to decide.

Glacier Bay
I hope you will be adding this book to your quilting library soon

Friday, July 11, 2014

I blinked

Have you ever blinked and then it was two weeks later...or possibly three!

I blinked and did not realize how much time had passed.  I meant to blog and then someone would ask me for something or I honestly may have just fallen asleep.  So many things have been going on and so here are just a few that I have been meaning to share.

I have been working on this lovely Liberty of London project and it would have been even MORE amazing if I had not trimmed it two inches too short.  I am doing a quick redesign to make it work.  I am not sure how it happened but it did and so I need to remember the "Measure twice, cut once" rule. Have you ever really messed something up and wanted to cry?

This may be my favorite photo of the past few girls...

And the other reason for my absence.  This guy was so much fun and OMG!  He is on constant GO!  It was difficult to keep up with him :) I think I have a new hashtag #gogoson

We even took out fun show out in the local Target

I also had the great pleasure of visiting my FAVORITE local quilt shop Kelly Ann's Quilting for a special Aurifil event

Kelly is the hostess with the mostest!

The fun event at her shop was for Alex.  He is making a grand tour this summer of many Mid Atlantic local quilt shops to give lectures about the production, uses and care of Aurifil thread.

This event also had these two local celebrities!  Pat Sloan and Kimberly Einmo!  The DC area has so much talent!

And Pat Sloan made one of my life dreams come true!  A treadle Singer!!!!  I have to clean her up some more before I get good photos!!!!!  THANK YOU PAT and GREGG for brining this beautiful gift to me!!!

The boy and the grand fur baby are gone, life is adjusting back to a summer mode of normal, and I hope you are all having a fabulous summer so far!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's In the Box?

This box...

the one with the lock, that came from Afghanistan from the boy that left last October.


Last December Penny Barnes, the wonderful owner and quilter at Pb & J Studio, Ireland quilt tour guide and all around FABULOUS lady sent me a message on Facebook.  She warned me that I would need a tissue...

Yes.... So yesterday you saw my posts about spending the day getting crafty with the second graders where our youngest son John teaches. We set up a photo booth and did silly pics and decorated a wooden frame to look like a snowflake, gifts for the parents. After putting away the paint and glitter we had a little chat about patriotism. Second graders don't know a lot about that word. But, they do know about people serving in the military and some have even had family members serve. For our final project, each of the kids were given a piece if white fabric to draw a "thank you" picture with fabric markers, thanking a special soldier I told then about who,is currently deployed to Afghanistan and away from his family. I explained that their fabric pictures would become a part of a quilt that I would be sending to this young man. I wanted to share with you some of the drawings I'm looking at this morning....
No! OMG really...I DO need tissue!!!!!

Seriously, if you ever see this woman...HUG HER!!!! TELL HER HOW FABULOUS she is!!!! I love her!!!!

Here were some of the photos she sent to me

This one is very special  "This is Keighly....she has cerebral palsy and I was told we wouldn't recognize anything she made....but she was so excited to participate so we just traced her hand...."

Penny's son John is a school teacher at Otter Lake Elementary School and has the most incredible group of kids. Penny had a great time creating this surprise for a soldier, but not just any soldier...MY SOLDIER...they were making a quilt for Michael!

Needless to say, I was speechless! Penny sent me this message...
"xox I think it will make a great surprise for your telling. But I just had to share this morning...."

I needed a BOX of tissues!

She shipped off the quilt to Michael and he was COMPLETELY overwhelmed! He loved everything about this treasure. We were lucky enough to have Facebook messages and so we were able to talk about somethings if he happened to be online. We decided that sending something to the kids from Afghanistan would be fun for them. So Michael wen to the a Baazar that the locals had on base and bought some treats for the kids.

Mr. Barnes made this video reading the letter from "Soldier Mike" to his class :o)

And this one is a HOOT, where he shares what "Soldier Mike" sent to the class.  I was rotfl!  Kids are awesome!  I think it is very cool how he makes this a unit study.  I wish Adam were going to be in his class next year!

Michael LOVES these kids!!!!!  I do too!!!!

So we were able to get the box opened and this is what was inside...

This quilt was such a great comfort to Michael so far away from home.  Made with love by people he did not ever meet that will stay in his heart forever!

These are the met precious blocks ever!

Penny's quilting is perfection!

Thank you Mr. Barnes and all of your second grade class for sending Michael this gift from the heart to let him know how much he is supported.

I do apologize for how long it has taken me to get to this.  I honestly did not realize how difficult this deployment was for me.  The boy will be coming home next week.  We will finally get to lay eyes on him and count that nose as being home.

The support I received was above and beyond what I ever could have imagined.  I could not have made it through without so many loving generous people.  I am possibly the most blessed person in the world.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

SEWjo Saturday

We are now officially into Summer vacation with the kids out of school and already wanting to know what I will be doing for them next!  Aye aye aye!  I do have some fun things planned for them but they may have their own opinions about that one ;o)  Movies, pool, tennis, DC, sewing...

For me...I am playing with some Liberty of London creating a new fun tutorial to be out the end of June.  WOOT WOOT!

Last summer I made the Lovetag Quilt.  LOVE Liberty of London!!!!

And I had all of these lovelies left over.  So, when I was asked to create something new, I jumped at the chance!

I am also trying to learn EQ7 for Mac.  I have some great ideas and am hoping to be able to get them on here to help my brain out.

I cannot wait to see what you are working on this weekend!!!

This week the incentive prize is an Aurifil sample set that includes every thread weight for you to LOVE and a mini charm pack of Valori Wells FANTABULOUS Quill for Robert Kaufman.   

Let's get our SEWjo (sewing mojo) going!  This link up will be open the WHOLE WEEKEND to give you LOTS of time in case you need to do silly other stuff like make dinner or driving your kids somewhere and then there is always making sure you have good lighting. The things we all have to go through...sigh ;o)

To participate in the party please... 
1. Share a project from this past week or TODAY!!!  Link it up from your blog or, if you do not have a blog, your Flickr photos. It can be a  FABULOUS finish or a WIP ( any progress is always good)that you are working hard to get off your sewing table!

2. Share a link back to SEWjo Saturday somewhere in your post. I would be over the moon if you grabbed the button and shared that too ;o)

3. Share some love with some of the other posters!!!!  Visit some of the linked up photos and get inspired by other quilty friends' work. And please leave some sunshine in their comments! Let's support each other!  

Congratulations to Bethany for winning the link up incentive prize!

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